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Welcome to Hoosier Candle Company, small batch, handmade soy candles

Inspiration from the farm~Handmade soy candles

Seeds planted.....ideas bloom



From the beginning.....

 In 2002 we purchased our existing  business as Lamb & Heart Americana Shoppe, with focusing primarily on home decor, furniture & antiques. Shortly after that we changed the name to Walnut Street Traditions (because we were on Walnut Street, and our building reflected a history filled with "traditions").  In 2009 we embarked on our biggest adventure yet.....candle making. Since 2009 Hoosier Candle Company has found it's way into many homes, many countries, and many quaint and cozy shops across the USA.  We have worked diligently to ensure that our products are proudly "Made in the USA."  You will not only find our Hoosier Candle Company brand, you will also see our "Handmade by a Hoosier Farmer's Daughter/Granddaughter" line of wonderful items!  Read the history/story behind the "birth" of Hoosier Candle Company below........ 

Hoosier Candle Company……….The story unfolds

After selling candles for so many years I decided it was time to figure out the “science” to all of it. So after some trial and error (quite a bit I might add) I finally did it! Hoosier Candle Company..... small batch candles, handmade soy candles was born!  (All of which are scented candles)

The name was just one of those “aha” moments. I knew somewhere in the scrapbook of memories there was the most perfect picture. The little girl in the photo is actually my mom at age 3 in my Grandpa Harold’s wheat field. As my Grandma Betty tells the story…….”Pet (my mom) was never in the fields but was always in a dress so when she went into that field…in her sweet little dress I grabbed my camera and snapped a picture”

Being a “Hoosier” my entire life the name just fit. So I had all the pieces to the puzzle as little by little I pieced them together. So the picture of my mom tells the story on a daily basis….a small town rural community filled with multi-generation farmers that through hard work, strong family roots, and a belief in yourself….anything is possible. That is exactly what it is all about!

On January 23rd of 2017 we lost our Grandma Betty to Alzheimer's.  I was so blessed to have been given the treasures of many memories before the disease took them from her.  Gathering details of our family history, and precious memories was such a blessing.  Her gifts bestowed to her family will never be forgotten.  Memories, life skills, love, hope & dreams...all of our days...all of our lives.

More than just a candle company...


In addition to our handmade soy candles, we also create many other wonderful things.  Be sure to checkout our handmade pillows, signs, barn quilts & more! Please visit our store, which is located in the historical town of Dayton, IN.  

Inspired by you!


We are who we are, and do what we do because of you...our wonderful customers.  Kindness matters...and is served daily.  Everyone deserves a "cup of kindness"