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Hoosier Candle Company began in 2009.  After seven years of selling other brands of candles in our retail store, Walnut Street Traditions, we decided to embark of the world of handmade soy candles.  Our candles are hand made in small batches and are all natural soy candles.  We quickly learned that, in addition to retail, we had much interest from other small retail businesses, and we began selling our soy candles wholesale.  Our candles are poured into Made in USA Ball Jars.  From our wicks, wax, oils, jars & lids....we can say Proudly Made in USA! 

Experience the uniqueness

Early on we learned we needed to offer something in our natural soy candle line that was "different".  We have mastered the art of the "layered candles" offering multiple options for both our everyday and seasonal lines.  With our layered soy candles you will quickly realize you are getting not one candle....but several within one jar.  Who else would be crazy enough to create a candle composed of 13 different scents in one amazing candle? 

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Revisiting memories...one scent at a time

Each of our scents has been creatively and thoughtfully created.  There's nothing better than a scent triggering a special memory.  We listened to our customers early on, and what they would like to enjoy in our candle line.  Many trips down memory lane have been taken within the Hoosier Candle Company line up.  We hope you have the same experience as well. 

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